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Year One & Two 

5 - 7 years 

Our combined Year One and Two class have a maximum capacity of 16 students, with both a class-teacher and teaching assistant. This allows more opportunities for the children to embark in differentiated group work that is supported by an adult.

Year Two also attend separate English and Maths lessons to Year One, carried out in our school library by the subject specialist. 

At the end of Year One, children will undertake their Phonics Screening Check to see if they have fully grasped the graphemes taught in their phonics sessions. In Year Two, children will begin to carry out much more independent work in preparation for their Key Stage One SATS which they sit in June. 

Year Three & Four

7 - 9 years

Our Year Three and Four classes are combined in one classroom with a maximum of 16 students in total. 

Much emphasis is put on spellings, writing skills, times tables and maths mastery over these two years. Engaging topics of study are also covered in science, history and geography. 

During their time in lower key stage two, children begin to become increasingly more independent. They are expected to take responsibility of their learning and begin making decisions when it comes to completing their work.

Year Five & Six

9 - 11 years 

Our Year 5 and 6 class has a total capacity of 10 students. These two final years at primary are crucial, as children begin to prepare for their move to secondary school - a huge milestone in their lives.

In Year 6, children will sit their KS2 SATS in Maths and English, as per the British Curriculum, to see if they have reached the expected standard. Preparing for this is a focus during these years, but there are other equally important subjects that are not assessed, such as the humanities, that they will still be studying through a variety of relevant and exciting topics.