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Toddlers & Nursery

18 months - 4 years

Our Toddler and Nursery classes are combined in our Early Years area. Their programme is centred around the concept of learning through play.

The children have the opportunity to use the outdoor areas; such as the water trays and sandpit, alongside specific indoor areas; soft carpet area, construction area, role-play area, malleable area, creative area, small world area, table area and reading corner. We also have a group work room, where children can engage in more formal learning sessions with their teachers.

The combined class has a maximum capacity of 32 students. We have a high staff to child ratio which allows us to provide your child with the opportunities to grow and develop through play and exploration every day.


4 - 5 years

Our Reception class has a maximum capacity of 16 children, with both a class-teacher and teaching assistant. They have their own separate area with both a formal classroom with carpet and table area, alongside a free-flow area where they have the opportunity to learn through play.

 It is important to understand that your child will be learning holistically during their time in Reception. They will learn so much more than just colours, shapes, numbers and letters. In this year, your child begins their journey to getting ready to start primary school. They will begin to develop their independence and confidence.

At the end of the year, children will be assessed against the Early Learning Goals in their seven areas of development. This allows us to see if your child is emerging, achieving or exceeding the level they should be at.